If you are planning to change your locks, the services of a professional residential locksmith are of high priority.


If you are planning to change your locks, the services of a professional residential locksmith are of high priority. And considering high security for your family and valuables is of concern. However, if you need to install more than just the front door lock and get a high security locking system it is best to consider the advice of expert residential locksmiths. More an more families in NJ are changing over to better security systems, including residential locks as they are taking the safety of their families and possessions into consideration on a serious note.

Although we provide residential locksmith services, we are a full service provider with both auto and commercial locksmith facilities.



• Burglary Repairs

• Residential New Jersey Locksmith

• Residential New Jersey Locksmith

• Decorative locks

• Padlocks and Panic bars

• Door Lock Installations

• Entry into locked out vehicles

• Digital and Home Locks

• Window Grills & Guards

• Master Key Systems

• Installation/ Change Safes Combination

• File cabinet locks

• Re-key locking systems



To ensure that everything is secure at all times, it is best to consult and hire the services of residential high security locksmith services. With state of art technology, locking systems have become very advanced and have anti-pick features that use not only the usual combination of levers but other complex technicalities. At NJ locksmith services, we have a team of expert residential locksmiths providing standard and high-security locking systems that gets you a better night’s rest knowing that the whole family and possessions are safe.


It has been seen that families with a secure residential locking system have less chances of break-ins than homes with cheaper local locks. To counter the high rate of break-ins and burglaries, anti-pick locks are a rage with homeowners. We have an exclusive collection of theft proof locks that are sturdier than the non-secure locks available. Additionally, we also undertake the repair of all residential locking systems to give you better security at all times.



Even with burglar alarms and deadbolts, burglars today have sophisticated tools and are skilled in breaking into homes indifferent to superior quality locks. Thus, it is best to take counsel from a well known NJ residential locksmith before you install new locks in your home. Having anti-pick locks have a major advantage over the other standard locking systems available as these are very complex to pick or break by anyone. Additionally, never leave your door key under the doormat or in the mailbox, even if different family members keep variable timings. It is best to have spare keys than give a burglar an opportunity for easy entry.

NJ residential locksmiths specialize in cutting spare keys among other services. Call In NJ Locksmith Services We have a range of low cost locks, standard and high security locking systems that you may select from depending upon your requirement. Additionally, we specialize in commercial, automotive, emergency and residential locksmith services, so keep our number handy. If you need more information or details about our services or even a free quote, please call us or contact us today.